The Megellan Experience

This is an Online Experiential Program targeted at High Potentials or Emerging Leaders. This programme aims to equip frontline to mid-level leaders with the hands-on experience of what it is like to make strategic decisions and steer the organization in through the very "VUCA" digital environment.

We chose to take a Practical Approach rather than the traditional Academic approch to developing leaders. As adult learners, learning is more effective if they are self-directed and purposeful. Much adult learning is focused on experimentation and in smaller chunks to provide the necessary conditions for reflection, mindset and behavioural change.

Session 1 - Business Simulation

We build realistic scenarios for participants to challenge each other in teams (represented by a "company") and make decisions based on inputs from the different functions in the "company". They will build their cross-functional awareness and be comfortable in managing multiple decisions in a stretched environment

Session 2 - Business Analytics

There is an abundance of information these days that often times, it is difficult to differentiate reliable and necessary information from the clutter. Leaders will learn how to identify good information and make it useful for their purpose. Finally, they will learn how to present their information in ways that captivate their audience.

Session 3 - Ideation Lab

Working as a team, their mandate is to brainstorm, dentify and develop a solution to solve a business challenge that their respective organizations are currently experiencing. This serves as a "live project" that they will eventually present to senior stakeholders. This also serves the basis for their ownership of nurturing their ideas to deployment for the organization.

Coaching Sprints

This programme also includes a series of three coaching sprints as the teams fine-tune their solution design and build the business case for presentation to stakeholders. Each team has a different need for support and guidance. Our coaches will be on-hand to support their specific needs.