Programme Offerings

The Megellan Experience

We are proud to bring you "The Magellan Experience". This is an online experiential program targeted at the development of emerging leaders or high-potentials slated for senior leadership in the near future. This program covers key aspects of leadership from leading across multiple functions in an organization, making sense & responding to widely available information to working in teams to immerse and generate solutions to the pressing challenges faced by the organization at a strategic level.

Business Continuity Breakthrough Program

Our "Online" response to ideation, behavior and mindset change. We aim to capture the imagination of our learners and they navigate massive changes like digitalization, global pandemic, sudden shifts in market forces. Our aim is to equip our learners with to purposeful in a transformative way to the extent that they are unafraid to take ownership of their challenges and work for the benefit of all.

Immersion & Ideation Program

Launched in 2019, these are unique, experiential programs that a specially curated for organizations wanting to address challenges from an outside-in perspective. We expose them to subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, innovators etc. to inspire them to be creative and purposeful in transforming their respective organizations.

Building Exponential organizations (BExO)

A series of short classroom interventions for frontline leaders and middle managers to understand the impact of the 4th industrial revolution to business practices. We encourage learners to challenge past assumptions of what organizations should look like and to imagine what it means to be a worker of the future.

Genos Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner Program

In partnership with ET Potential and Genos International, this is a certification to help learners become experts in the field of emotional intelligence. Complete with assessments and classroom work, This program can be delivered in a classroom setting (2 full-days) or online (three half days) . Learners will need to be assessed by our Master Trainer in order to be certified to run Genos suite of programs.