Free Webinar - Developing Leaders for the Digital Era

Date: 18 August 2020

Time: 0900 - 1030

Venue: Online event via ZOOM

Registration: Please send an email to with your name, designation and company name. We will come back to you with the login details for the event.

Those attending this webinar behalf of your organization will receive a complimentary Genos Emotional Culture Survey.This survey results will come in the form of a report and provide you with a useful assessment of the Emotional Culture state of your organization. Details will be provided at the end of the webinar.

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About the Webinar

A combination of the digital economy and the global pandemic have caught many organizations unprepared and have impacted the livelihood of hundreds of millions people. The situation calls for strong leadership to make bold and decisive decisions to help organizations survive and thrive in this very uncertain and challenging environment.

In collaboration with our partners, FYT Consulting and Global Knox, Executive Ideas is proud to present our online emerging leaders programme called "The Magellen Experience".

Like the great 17th Century Portugese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan, leaders are forced to navigate through unchartered territories in search of opportunities for their respective organizations. In doing so, they have to contend with both internal and external challenges that could derail their original intent.

The Magellan Experience is a 12-week experiential learning porgramme that provides leaders with the ability to manage across corporate functions, leverage on external data to make decsions and to learn how to win over stakeholders to generate ideas and solutions to the problems faced in organizations today.


Eric Toh is seasoned coach& facilitator having worked across Europe, Australia, US & across Asia, he brings in very practical experience in culture & diversity and is a master trainer the field of Emotional Intelligence. Eric has spent a large part of his career in Management Consulting and is an adjunct faculty of the University of Birmingham.

Ken Ng is a certified ICF PCC Coach and Consultant for Leadership, Team and Organization Transformation. Ken Ng is the Director of Learning & Development for GLOBALKNOX Sdn Bhd. He is passionate in creating platforms for people to learn, grow and be successful through coaching as a platform. Ken’s coaching scope covers Coaching, Team Performance and Transformation Leadership.

Michael Lee is currently a Principal Consultant with FYT Consultants. An expert in facilitation and data analytics Michael help organizations work with external data to drive decision making. Michael has worked in numerous organizations in the IT, Banking and Public Sector.

Adrian Phang is the Founder, Director & Change Catalyst of Executive Ideas Pte Ltd. He has over 15 years of consulting experience in Strategy, Innovation & Human Resources having worked with a host of clients comprising of MNCs and Local Organizations across Southeast Asia. Adrian is also certified in various individual & organization wide assessment tools. He provides Transition Coaching support for Randstad Risesmart.