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The Business Resilience Package is a collaboration between Executive Ideas and ET Potential to help organizations emerge and adapt to the post-lockdown environment.

It includes the Businesss Continuity Breakthrough Program as well as the Genos Emotional Intelligence Online Certification Program. The first program helps participants think critically and problem solve situations in an online setting through ideation. The second program allows an organization to equip itself with an in-house Emotional Intelligence Expert that can help them with Leadership/Resilience Programs as well as to run multi-rater assessments and conduct Emotional Climate Surveys.

Business Continuity Breakthrough Program v3.pdf

"Well facilitated with good designed and process flow. We all learnt that anything is possible with technology and gadgets utilisation even after days of preparation (better anticipation of what could go wrong) "

Former EVP HR, Global Airlines & Global Head of Learning for an FMCG Org

"Generating ideas from the team achieves 2 objectives - Viewing a subject matter from VARIOUS perspectives, and in the process, facilitating buy-ins and team engagement."

Partner & Executive Director of a PR Consultancy

:The facilitator kept the lecture elements very brief followed immediately by interactive elements; which kept attendees attention. Also the facilitator's energy was quite key in keeping folks engaged."

Principal Consultant, Analytics Consultancy

The Business Continuity Breakthrough Program

What does it take for teams to be productive in a remote setting? With a common purpose, the right behaviors and mindset, teams can be extremely productive in churning new ideas to keep your organization running.

Be amazed at what teams can actually achieve in just five-hours of online facilitation. It doesn't stop there. Teams can build on these ideas and be taught how to engage each other in collaborative ways.