About Us

Incorporated in 2017, Executive Ideas is an advisory firm that promote behavioral and mindset shifts within organizations to tackle seismic challenges facing our world today. Our programs focus on solving pressing issues the organizations face. At the same time, our highly experienced team will facilitate a journey where participants will discover more about themselves and what they need to do to become more reslient, empathetic, socially intelligent and have the curiosity and gumption to solve complex issues.

Our Values

What sets us apart from our peers are the values we adhere to.

  • The Curiousity in a person makes one seek answers rather than accepting status quo. It helps him to strive to be even better, Em

  • Being Empathetic allows one to feel for others to the point of putting oneself in the other's shoes. It is trust-building!

  • A Socially intelligent person is one that is unafraid to reach out to others, look for opportunities to collaborate.

  • To be Resilient person is about having the tenacity to work on challenges and seeing a failure as a step closer to success.

Our Core Team

Adrian Phang, Founder and Change Catalyst

" I like to push my personal boundaries and think outside-the-box for my clients and partners. I seek win-win-win scenarios where I can bring value to my clients, to the community at large and to myself. That would mean taking the less-trodden path. "

Adrian has over 15 years of consulting and advisory experience helping multinationals and large local enterprises to develop their leadership potential and drive towards organizational excellence.

Eric Toh, Principal Facilitator, Coach and Master Trainer

Eric is a global citizen living in four continents throughout his career. His wealth of experience both in a consulting capacity and as an adjunct faculty with a UK University, led him to discover his true passion; Facilitation.

Having moved back to Asia close to 8 years ago, Eric has been in the forefront of delivering Culture Transformation and Diversity Programs for well-known organiations like HSBC, BP, Ericsson, etc.

Tan Jian Hong, Co-facilitator and Program Innovator

Jian Hong is a passionate people person and successful entrepreneur to the boot. Having spent 17 years in the HR profession, Jian Hong is also a chatbot creator and into food manufacturing.

Being in the forefront of change, Jian Hong brings his knowledge in Design Thinking from a practitioner standpoint to our programs and brings in the geeky side to highly emotionally-charged sessions.

We believe very much in the concept of working in an Ecosystem. To this effect, we work with some of the most exciting experts and experienced personnel in their field to yield practical yet cutting-edged solutions to delight our clients bringing in the diverse mix of expertise and experience.