Strategy - Vision, Mission & Values in light of IR 4.0

Delivering a strategic planning workshop workshop is a lot of hard work but well worth the effort! It is nice when you have an engaged audience who are hungry to dive into the unknown while reflecting on what they can change in themselves. It is not all about embracing technology. It is also about understanding your organization and your role in the ecosystem & working within the confines of regulation, capacity & capability. It's about creating the best fit for the foreseeable future!

The C-Suite Boardroom Brainstorm.

28 September 2018, Singapore

To understand the impact of IR 4.0 in your organization, one must also look at your current organizational culture and how that resonates with change. In collaboration with Denison Consulting, we provided participants with both the outside and the inside view of the impact of digitalization through an organizational culture survey.

23rd April 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Digitalisation has entered almost every industry on the face of the earth, From AI to Robotic, IoT, etc. we need to navigate and seek provocative new insights by getting into the real world, actively observing, networking, and experimenting to generate valuable new ideas. This breakfast brainstorm session allows senior leaders to share and take away valuable insights from each other.

William Bridges, in his transition model, talks about about the three stages of transitioning from the past to what lies ahead. Different psychological and emotional challenges occur in the process. It is important to set the stage for "Crossing the Red Sea" of change by getting the collective buy-in of the individual, the team and ultimately the entire organization.

Changing Your Organization's Mindset to Embrace The Digital Economy

Changing The Way Your Relate With Your Customers

The Art of Solution Selling

The digital age has given customers an abundance of choices of products and services in the global market place. No longer are people looking for products but solutions to their needs. The Art of Solution Selling is a 2-day program that help sales professionals to specifically address this need in a highly competitive marketplace.

Purposeful Networking & Prospecting

Creating Effective and Sustainable Business Growth by systematically Growing Your Ideal Customers

Changing the Way You Hire

Hiring in the Digital Age

In an age where social media, background checks, branding and data analytics are dominating the recruitment space, we need to re-examine our hiring approach & decisions.

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